misinformation electronic cigaretteLightness, ignorance, incompetence, research in the ratings … we always find the same ideas copied / pasted in the media. Here’s the best (or worst) of misinformation about the electronic cigarette.

On social networks or forums, hunting for misinformation has become a daily occupation for vapoteurs. It happens almost not a day without a new article, a “new study” does not come to frighten the crowd and discredit the benefits of vape. The subject is highly sensitive because it affects public health, but especially the big money (taxes, tobacco industries, pharmaceuticals, health).

The media have understood that by combining the words “cancer” and “electronic cigarette”, their audience is soaring. This could be innocuous if we did not talk about the first alternative that could exterminate the tobacco and thereby save millions of lives. Remember that projections estimate that smoking might make one billion deaths in the 21st century …

Las leave comments (sometimes censored!) On the sites ‘information’ (do copy / paste is information?), Here’s a top 10 misinformation that all enthusiasts vapoteurs know by heart, but it would be good more widely available to the public.

1 – It is (perhaps) not harmless

There will NEVER show the total safety of the vape. Just because nothing is harmless in life.Pollution, food, medicine, cosmetics … Even sport and playing hurt the muscles and eyes. The electronic cigarette should be compared to tobacco makes 73,000 deaths per year in France.Between simple “doubts” about the e-cigarette and damage proven tobacco, there is an unfathomable abyss.

If you expect that you prove the safety of air, visit this article on the ADEME site and stop breathing:  Over 80% of Europeans are exposed to levels above those recommended particulate …

2 – There are no studies of the electronic cigarette

If, if and if re-! There are already hundreds of studies that exist, and they say without a shadow of a doubt that the vape is infinitely less harmful than cigarettes. Discover for example, the website ecigarette-research of Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos , international research specialist on the e-cigarette.

There are no known long-term effects? Perhaps, but the short-term effects are fully known and necessarily augur the best for the future. Do not swallow the smoke Carbon monoxide, tar and fifty carcinogenic substances in tobacco, is not it a good start? How heavy doubt face some million dead?

3 – Formaldehyde and acrolein

Both carcinogenic compounds were indeed found in the e-cigarette vapor in scientific or journalistic studies. How? By pushing the bottom of battery power and “cramant” literally the liquid or the wick. It then produces very hazardous compounds, is proved.

Except that it tastes foul and pungent, it’s called a dry hit. It is “invapable” and this is not normal use. Just as no one would eat a charred steak pie or forgotten charred potatoes in the oven. See on the subject reaction in Science & Future Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist and President of the French Office for Smoking Prevention.

4 – It is chemical, while the tobacco is natural!

Of course ! First, know that all is chemical in life, including bio. The word “chemistry” means a natural science. So use the word “artificial” because actually propylene glycol is not a fruit and vegetable glycerin does not grow between potatoes and radishes. Ditto for flavors whether natural or artificial. All this requires a work of “chemical transformation” that just brings a health guarantee through process and quality controls.

Exactly what is known in the e-liquids and how they are made, especially in France where manufacturers easily open the doors of their factories and their laboratories. If tobacco inspires you more confidence because it is “natural”, here to recall the components of a cigarette.

5 – Nicotine and toxic poisoning

Yes, nicotine can be toxic and even deadly for some amount ingested. It’s the same as bleach, so do not drink it! It was also all in the drugstore platelet drugs it is important not to swallow at once on pain of death.

The amount of nicotine absorbed from the steam is absolutely not dangerous. She even likens slower than a cigarette, it comes under a “burned” form. It is for this reason that small dose can vape and usually for a contribution in smooth and regular nicotine. It’s very different from the “shoot” of cigarettes. For more information on nicotine, visit the website of the Scientific Jacques Le Houezec .

6 – The tobacco industry is behind it

The tobacco industry does not like the electronic cigarette, because it’s not tobacco and because she has completely missed this market. Today leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids have nothing to do with the tobacco industry. There are a few overs, but they are rare and informed vapoteurs avoid these products are generally of poor quality (cigalike). One wonders why … maybe to disgust and promote the return to smoking?

But faced with the steady and inexorable decline in cigarette sales particularly in Europe and the USA, the tobacco industry is taking out the big guns by activating its powerful lobbies to try to recover the market. See here detail the directive European tobacco and should apply in all EU countries by May 2016! The day the tobacco industry puts his hand on the vape, it will disappear.

7 – Passive vape is dangerous for the environment

Have you noticed that an electronic cigarette vaporizes not alone? We need the vapoteur put in the mouth, press the switch, then sucks. What he rejects is therefore a steam coming out of his lungs in much lower amount than he sucked. It disappears in 20 seconds * maximum, and leaves no odor, or very little.

Do we really compare with the cigarette burning in an ashtray alone, which yellowed the walls, leaving a stench in the room and on the clothes? Dr. Farsalinos, quoted above, says that it is more dangerous to stay in a kitchen with frying in a room with a vapoteur. Should we ban frying at home or in fast food?

* Except in the case of power vaping , which is a form of extreme vape and gives rise to “competition” between big steam enthusiasts.

8 – The electronic cigarette is prohibited in public places

Disinformation! There is even from January 9, 2015 a law published on the website of the French administration Service-public.fr: vapoter not smoke . You’re not dreaming, this is the title of the publication of the Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister).

For now any ban should be subject to specific regulations, knowing that the reference to Decree 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006 on the prohibition of tobacco has no value, since “is not vapoter smoking “ . On the subject, there are only announcement effects, absolutely nothing concrete.

9 – Effect gateway for young

This is a martingale that critics of the electronic cigarette love! The ecig rehabilitate the “gesture” of smoking and thus cause a gateway effect for youth. No studies showing that this phenomenon is only theory and speculation.

Unfortunately, young people smoke cigarettes, 40% of high school students, and they do not like the e-cigarette, too complicated and expensive than rolled. They are also the only sales which are struggling to fall (the sales in December 2014 were higher than 2013, 2012 and 2011!), Proof that neither young nor the poorest people have no access to alternative electronic cigarette. Here’s an article in the New Republic, “The electronic cigarette is slowing among young people” , and a point for the debate on the site Stop-tabac.ch led by Prof. Jean-François Etter.

So yes, there is a link between the e-cigarette and tobacco, but in the other direction!According to this study AIDUCE on a panel of several thousand vapoteurs, they are 99.6% to be former smokers . It is clear, smoking leads to vape, not the opposite! This is not a bridge, but a one-way overpass for millions of former smokers.

The gateway ecig / tobacco for young people is totally unwarranted, unproven, that is an outrageous misinformation. And as long as the government will insist to stay on this “theory”, they slow down access to vape for young people, “vice” or “transgression” far preferable to cigarettes. Vape prohibit minors is pushing them to smoke, knowing that one can hardly count on tobacconists to block.

10 – Risk of explosion!

Some newspapers like publishing alarming information on the explosion of batteries of electronic cigarettes. This is not disinformation, it’s true that it can happen in case of misuse or defective equipment. As a phone, a computer or other device that contains a battery. Note that airlines now want to regulate the transport of ecig in the hold, because there are a fire hazard if the object has not been properly extinguished. It’s a good thing, if the e-cigarette is of course permitted in hand luggage. See here in the US .

Recall that even when the cigarette is the source of 30% of fires , causing thousands of victims a year and almost one death per day. To read on the NCTC website: cigarettes, a major cause of fire .

Attention misinformation can be fatal for your loved ones!

The next time you come across an alarming article about the e-cigarette, think back to this article. Especially if you are neither smoking nor vapoteur, do not prevent your friends and family to experience the vape out tobacco peddling misinformation. Apart from the profits of the tobacco industry, the business of health and taxes to the state, there is no serious reason to discredit the vape as an alternative to tobacco.