The e-cigarette is a blessing to quit. At first glance somewhat complicated, here are some tips to start in good conditions the search for “vape happy.”

Although controversial in the media and government statements, the e-cigarette has nonetheless attracted millions of people, delighted to have managed to stop smoking without suffering. If you’re tempted by the experience, here are some basic rules that will help you find quickly the “happy vape” prerequisite to the total cessation.

1 – Go beyond the fears and rest assured

The information is contradictory, even stop smoking, you do not want to be trapped with another product? You are right ! But instead of listening to rumors, ask yourself . Google is your friend, there are a lot of resources on the Internet and you’ll quickly on blogs, forums and even articles in the mainstream media, which will direct you on scientific studies reassurance and advice from doctors or in smoking cessation that recommend resolutely the use of e-cigarette to stop smoking.

Take time to read and you will be surprised to discover that he is now a true consensus on the subject: the vape is infinitely less dangerous than tobacco, simply because no study today n ‘ was able to demonstrate any danger under normal conditions of use.

Important : not only do you grow to be more serene yourself, but it is also essential to be able to answer basic questions you will ask your entourage. They may be worried or skeptical, you should know at least what to tell them. This will avoid conflicts and you will resist the doubts sown wrongly .

2 – Buy the right equipment taking the time to check before

Do “mégotez” not on the expense. If you want to try the electronic cigarette properly, we must give you every chance of success, and it basically goes through the material. If you have vapoteurs friends, ask their advice and please also inform you on the Internet. By devoting a little time, you will detect quickly the hottest hardware receiving the most positive ratings.

To purchase, choose a specialty shop, doing again prior research on the Internet and try to get there at a time when there are not too busy. Thus, the vendor may spend you time to narrow down your choices, if you propose testing and bring you all the good tips to use for your e-cigarette. Between hardware, accessories, and the first liquid a budget of € 80 to 120 is “normal” for quality.

When you are equipped, do not hesitate to register on a forum and find the thread that matches your hardware. This will allow you to ask questions in case of difficulty. You see, it is very responsive, you will have quick answers other vapoteurs will be happy to help …

3 – Test many liquids, past tobacco

You may have smoked the same brand of cigarettes for years without really worrying about the taste. With vape, you will discover the pleasure of flavors throngs. Naturally, you will be attracted by tobacco taste to begin with, because it is more comforting to “replace” your cigarette. But you will find no liquid is able to return the “burnt taste.” So feel free to indulge in more exotic flavors, although it may seem strange to you, try it! You may surprise you to love vaper fruity flavors, candies, cakes …

More you will enjoy more cravings depart. Many vapoteurs can not touch a cigarette because of the taste they are just filthy. Be disgusted by cigarettes is a great victory!

4 – Arrange for the management of your equipment

The cigarette is very simple: a packet / lighter. When forgetting his cigarettes, one can even say that we will easily find someone to “tax”. This is also, among others, because it is not as simple as the electronic cigarette does not really popular with young people . Fluids, battery, charger, extra strength, you have to strengthen the strap of your bag or your purse!

While the equipment is miniaturized (see here a subject on the mini box mod ), but it remains that it is still larger than the killer packet. In addition, we must monitor the load, recharge or change batteries may be in the day. At first it is stressful because you are always afraid of forgetting something. Fear also breaking down and not being able vaper. Experienced vapoteurs also apply a golden rule: always carry the duplicate equipment . It’s safer !

For storage, the most convenient is to find you a pocket adapted to the volume of material you trimbalez. The key is that you have an “object” to take with you when you go out. Like a pack of cigarettes, it will be just a little larger. With experience, you learn to manage to date only the bare minimum, but sufficient. Or you team you materials to different formats for times of your outlets.

5 – Look after your conditions vape

Absolutely essential: a properly maintained equipment. Wash it regularly. Change the resistance often, when you have the impression that the vape is poorer. The quality of sensation is essential for a happy vape. You must be in the condition of pleasure. Wanting to vaper instead vaper because you can not smoke. Once you have reached this stage, you are free to gradually lower your nicotine levels, then why not, once you get to zero, vape reduce or even stop.

At start, take time to accustom yourself to equipment and sensations. Try to avoid to continue smoking. If this is not possible, set yourself goals. Achieving the goal is exclusively vaper necessary to disgust you tobacco. As long as you remain a “vapofumeur” you will be vulnerable. That’s why the tobacco industry tries to retrieve the vape market with its cigalike .

Learn about how to vaper is different from a cigarette. It sucks more gently, one puff more frequently, but less time. Feel free to drink more than usual. Please note, some people may be intolerant of propylene glycol. This is manifested by allergic symptoms. You will notice it quickly. The solution is to try 100% vegetable glycerin liquid. If it persists, stop and consult a doctor or a tobacco specialist who understands and knows the vape. Good news: there’s more!

Finally, to find the happy vape that you will stop smoking, take time. Whether to learn about the principles, and to equip you to manage your new daily. This allows you to be “calm” and enjoy your new happiness that changes your life: stop smoking that damn!

Good vape!