e-cigarette phenomenonIt is a revolution in health, social and economic. The e-cigarette phenomenon intrigues and raises many questions, here are 10 points to understand …

You are a smoker and you hesitate to try? Are you a parent or friend vapoteur, worried? You are health professional, journalist, entrepreneur or policy maker, seeking information on the e-cigarette phenomenon?

Here are 10 key points to understand. With more depth than the information passing through the major media, necessarily partial and reductive because of buzz and audience research, and sometimes too often at the expense of the real information. These 10 points are highlighted with links to documents, videos or articles. The authors are varied, from the medical, research, economists, philosophers, journalists or ordinary consumers.

This overview is obviously not exhaustive so there are publications on the subject. But this will allow you to open your mind to the major issues raised by the e-cigarette phenomenon.And maybe it will bring a sharper notice when you see pass some information in the media.

ATTENTION It may take an hour or two to read, watch or listen to all available information.This is the price to pay to know a little better what we are talking. The public health issue is so important that we can no longer afford to approach the subject with simple stereotypes or preconceptions …

As an intro to ask good debate and break the idea received “no one knows” no, this is a publication of VIDAL that sums up what we really know: Studies on the electronic cigarette, low harmfulness to tobacco, promising results in withdrawal .

1 – Nicotine

To start, here’s a video that lasts only two minutes and that allows to understand easily how the electronic cigarette is a revolution. The tobacco specialist Philippe Presles explains what nicotine and its role in smoking cessation:

2 – Toxic products?

The emission of carcinogens in the e-cigarette has been the subject of many alarmist coverage in the media. The cardiologist Professor Konstantinos Farsalinos is author of numerous research on the electronic cigarette, it conducted a study showing that these compounds appear well, but as part of an ABNORMAL use the vaporizer. Here is the complete translation into French on the site Jacques Le Houzec who works regularly with the teacher:

3 – Safety equipment and liquids

Between specialists the question of health risks arises almost, except to further improve the devices, control and regulate the products to avoid possible abuses and reassure consumers.Tobacco resolutely actors vape, manufacturers and traders it undertaking, drawing did not hesitate to open the doors of their factories, to control their products, to develop standards …

Some ads are scary, especially when talking battery explosion. Here is a complete article in the Parisien made by a journalist who cared to inquire from the manufacturers and technical users, following an accident in the spring.

4 – smoking cessation

A comprehensive analysis of the e-cigarette phenomenon Gilbert Lagrue , professor of cardiovascular disease specialist who created one of the first centers help to stop smoking:

The Academy of Medicine issued a report that found that the electronic cigarette is an opportunity to reduce smoking. The debate remains open with vapoteurs that the vast majority do not want the “medicalization” of the vape.

5 – Public health policy

For Clive Bates , a British consultant in public health, the electronic cigarette is a health revolution. He wrote a major paper that is for policy makers to give them an overview of the e-cigarette phenomenon. The French translation was done by the AIDUCE.

A speech of Dr. Attila Danko, Australian physician, at the Global Forum on Nicotine 2015 landmark in the history of the e-cigarette. It calls on public health authorities to “listen” to the vapoteurs, why not consider making obsolete tobacco … Nothing less!

6 – The smoker returns to power

An intervention more “anthropological that health” of Alain Morel , psychiatrist, at the 3rd Meeting on Risk Reduction, organized by the addiction chair the CNAM, the federation Addiction, Aids and Vih.org/Swaps. A deep, hard look at a certain establishment that does not accept that Man regain its freedom alone, without help …

A radio show an hour, very complete, with Gérard Mathern (pulmonologist), Jacques Le Houezec (nicotine specialist) and Brice Lepoutre (AIDUCE President, Independent Association of Electronic Cigarettes users).

7 – Board Question

A tribune of the philosopher Gaspard Koenig for understanding that beyond the supposed health risks, the e-cigarette is a real problem in a society that has continued to demonize smoking and that can not be done the idea that it can “save” as easily and above all keeping all his pleasure …

8 – Economy: a disruptive innovation

Frederic Sautet , doctor of economic science, opens a dispassionate and pragmatic look very characteristic, rightly or wrongly analysis of an economist. Interesting…

9 – The tobacco industry in ambush

A comprehensive interview with Professor Jean-François Etter (University of Geneva), smoking specialist and founder of the site www.stop-tabac.ch, he worries tobacco industry projects that tries to get hold of electronic cigarette, a major risk of stifling the solution:

10 – The tobacco money: which blocks everything …

Tobacco generates huge profits for the industry and it provides our state via taxes which account for about 80% of the price of a pack of cigarettes colossal tax revenue: 14 billion per year. This money is vital to our economy and it helps explain why finally, and just maybe, the e-cigarette phenomenon is so poorly managed by our health authority subject to the diktat of the ministry’s budget.